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We are slowly filling up our Stocks !

Dear Costumer, due to the bad econemy we have to cut down our expenses . So we are currently unable to maintain a fully functional Website . Nevertheless we will still carry all of the Products you are use to purchase from us. For any Orders or Inquires please contact us via Email :

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Model Builder

Davaoshipmodeller is a Model Builder with many Years of Experience. We provide building Service for different Kind of Models, Wood, Plastic, Model Kits or Scratch builds, we do it all.

The featured Models in our Online Store are only a small Selection of what we are capable of. All Models come with a complete Showcase and Glass Cover. Materials for the, in the Online Store featured Models, are right away available at our Shop. If you are interested in other Models, not featured here, please feel free to check our Store at Facebook : Handcrafted wooden historic Ship Models ! Or send us an E-Mail at : ! Have a great Day and enjoy your Hobby.

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