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Dear Costumer, due to the bad econemy we have to cut down our expenses . So we are currently unable to maintain a fully functional Website . Nevertheless we will still carry all of the Products you are use to purchase from us. For any Orders or Inquires please contact us via Email :

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Model Builder

Davaoshipmodeller is a Model Builder with many Years of Experience. We provide building Service for different Kind of Models, Wood, Plastic, Model Kits or Scratch builds, we do it all.

The featured Models in our Online Store are only a small Selection of what we are capable of. All Models come with a complete Showcase and Glass Cover. Materials for the, in the Online Store featured Models, are right away available at our Shop. If you are interested in other Models, not featured here, please feel free to check our Store at Facebook : Handcrafted wooden historic Ship Models ! Or send us an E-Mail at : ! Have a great Day and enjoy your Hobby.

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13.10.2022 10:00



I follow you on Youtube, am even building the Robert E Lee according to your videos.
Will you one day build the Titanic form Amati and post videos?

Many thanks you make wonderfull videos

15.10.2022 01:48


Hello Miguel, yes the Titanic is already a loooooong Time on my Bucket List and I am sure that I will build that Kit sooner or later . Thank you and happy modelling , John

22.04.2022 11:09


hi john you will built arno for static or with rc motor?thank you

24.03.2022 13:29

Jacob Hershkovitz

I get last week the new Bismarck , I start following your utube (which is excellent) up to part 5 is there more parts ? how can I watch them Thanks

25.03.2022 01:01


Hello Jacob, I am glad you like my Videos , please contact me via Email : , regarding your inquire . Thank you , John

17.10.2021 20:34

Francis Nicolas

Hello are the items that has a "delivery one working day" in the description is stocked locally in davao? I want to purchase some kits but don't have the time to wait for longer shipping time. Thanks

15.10.2021 09:33


What are your payment options if I want to buy on your shop? thanks

17.10.2021 02:25


Most likely we ship our Orders out as COD via LBC , but we have also plenty of other Ways for Payment. Thank you

27.09.2021 23:29

Carlo penafiel

How much is the coast of miniature boat??

21.04.2021 23:39

Joy Fox


JP Model Engineering is business located in the USA , we have been in business for just about 3 years now, we mainly use internet platforms for are sales, much of what we sale is from in house

22.04.2021 00:50


Hello JP Model Engineering , please contact me directly via Email : . Tnx

21.01.2021 15:58

Lesley Walker

I have a wooden crafted model boat looking to sell. Can you please point me in right direction thankyou

22.01.2021 00:02


Hello Lesley, please contact me directly via Email : . Thank you , John

25.12.2020 21:32


Do you have any warship models in stock??? or do you accept custom orders??

26.12.2020 00:24


Merry Christmas Dimosthenis , unfortunately we don't have a Warship on Hand , but we accept Customer Orders . Please contact me directly via Email : . Thank you

19.12.2020 11:28

Kendrick Verzosa

John you have airbrushes for sale? What kind and how much?

21.12.2020 01:14


Hello Kendrick, we can order Airbrushes from different Brands from our Supplier . Price ranges from 2100php up to 10000php depend on Type Brand and Needle . Thank you

04.12.2020 12:44

Sherwin Guimpol

Hi, i want to avail your 3D printing service. I am looking for VR38DETT engine (nissan GTR R35) at 1:24 scale.

04.12.2020 23:13


Hello please email me at : to decuse the Details. Tnx

04.12.2020 12:43

Sherwin Guimpol

Hi, i want to avail your 3D printing service. I am looking for VR38DETT at 1:24 scale.

09.08.2020 16:09

Aris Ramos

Regarding infini sanding sticks , is the 800 grit already available?

30.07.2020 07:27

John Hicks

Just discovered your youtube, as I was looking for help with my Tamiya 1/700 waterline, "Kiso" model kit. May I please make a request for a how-to video on the Kiso?

30.07.2020 07:32


Hello John, unfortunate I don't have the KISO Model on Hand , what in specific you need Help ? Contact me via Messenger : Johann Schmitz with the Crazy Frog Picture or via E-Mail. Thank you

27.06.2020 15:31


Hi. i'd like to avail of the 3d print service. I'm looking for someone to model and 3d print 1/72 bombs. specifically the GBU-53 SDB. of which no kit is available on the market. I only have CAD dwgs.

28.06.2020 01:34


Hello Jameson, please contact me via E-Mail : or Messenger : Johann Schmitz ( with the crazy Frog Picture ) Thank you

27.06.2020 05:01


1/144 Seawolf still available?

28.06.2020 01:32


Shipping Fee is expected to be around 300php , but since our Supplier in Hong Kong is still restricted to ship to the Philippines , I have no Idea how long it will take for the Kit to arrive, sorry

27.06.2020 10:24


How long could it be if possible?
And the how much it will cost? I'm from your neighboring city, Gensan.

Thank you :)

27.06.2020 06:08


Hello Christian, available YES, but unfortunate NOT ON HAND , we need to order it from our Supplier and it will take Ages

03.06.2020 04:19

Vincent A. Moralizon

Gud day, would like to ask if you can make a model ship of Woodchip carrier Vessel. Thanks.

03.06.2020 04:25


Hello Vincent, in general yes we could, please contact me via E-Mail : or FB : Johann Schmitz ( Crazy Frog Picture ) . Thank you

15.05.2020 17:08

Aris Ramos

Hope you add infini softback sanding sponge on your list.

05.05.2020 20:52

Andrew Niederberger

I know :0 me again. yes its you the builder of the Amati bounty.... little question. I there a Life boat made of wood kit in scale to the amati bounty? they give a metal one to paint.

05.05.2020 20:41

Andrew Niederberger

Im not sure who is to thank for the amati Bounty ship builder videos. maybe you? but this is my first wood ship build :)))) its hard :) If I can write to you for some help it would be great thank you

15.04.2020 08:15


Hi John,
Enjoy your videos and hope all is safe with you..question..I was watching the fife build and while you were building the wheelhouse some music was playing..I loved the music. Who was it? Than

15.04.2020 08:38


Hello Steve, tnx for the Comment. The Sound Tracks are from YouTube: Auld lang Syne, Scottish Heart, Surrender, Cliffs of Moher, Amazing Grace and Saint Patricks Parade . Tnx

28.02.2020 16:59

Fred lopez

Hey bro, any chance your supplier has some machinen krieger whiteknights and polar bear? Thank you!

25.02.2020 15:57

Marc Newman

Hi John, I watched your video on sail construction and am wondering if you had proceeded to install the sails on the amati Bounty if you would have followed the same general approach.

26.02.2020 15:45

Marc Newman

Excellent I will look forward to it .. Marc (Nova Scotia, Canada)

26.02.2020 01:15


Hello Marc, since we are learning every Day I would have done Things a little different, if I had installed Sails on the Bounty. I might doing another Video on this Topic. John

06.02.2020 07:11


Hi John! Would you happen to have a Greek Trireme suitable for 28 - 32mm skirmish gaming or know of a good kit to get? Thank you!

06.02.2020 07:23


Zvezda , Kit # 8514 , but that's not available at our Supplier . Check E-Bay or Amazon . Tnx

06.02.2020 07:21


Hello Myles, the only Greek Ship from Amati is 1/35 Scale, so too large for you. . There is a 1/72 Scale Kit from

14.01.2020 04:03

Melvin John Villarbba

Hi sir, good day. Im currently working on a M1151 model however I noticed that a part is missing. Do you make parts for scale models too?

14.01.2020 04:09


Yes , we can do this . Please contact me at : . Best regards

17.11.2019 22:14

Horst Bundschuh

I'm interested in buying the VERLINDEN 1/72 F-111 D/F UPDATE SET 0472.
Is it available, and do you ship to Germany?
If yes, please tell me the Shipping and handling fee.
Best Regards

18.11.2019 00:55


Guten Morgen Horst, da muesste ich unseren Zulieferer in Italien fragen ob das Teil noch auf Lager ist. Bitte kontaktiere mich direkt unter : . Danke, gruss Johannes

22.09.2019 07:55


Good day Sir, would you kindly please recommend me the paints(acrylic) needed for Tamiya's bf-109g6. I would love to purchase from your shop, but I just dont have any idea in the paints colors needed

22.09.2019 08:35


Hello Julito, please contact me via Messenger : Juan Schmitz ( the one with the crazy Frog Icon) . Tnx

30.07.2019 12:30


good evening sir may i ask do you sell wood veneers

30.07.2019 13:48


Hello Sir, unfortunate we don't sell Veneer. Thank you, John

10.07.2019 16:37

Arnold Panganiban

Good day sir, I would like to inquire if you can copy an old PNP Catamaran Class patrol boat? Before I retired I would to display it in my home as a remembrance my service with PNP Maritime Group.

11.07.2019 01:21


Hello Sir, for more information please contact us via E-Mail : . Thank you

09.07.2019 22:59

James Cummings

Would you do a model of a US Navy ship LST 1160?
Thank you

10.07.2019 01:41


Hello James, for more information please contact us via E-Mail : . Thank you

06.07.2019 17:26

Savvas Santamouris

I m looking for aquarama - Riva wooden model

07.07.2019 02:33


Hello Sawas, if you are looking for the Italien Runabout, please check our Website at Amati Products and you will find the Model Kit. We also offer assembled Models . Please contact us via E-Mail. Tnx

13.05.2019 10:55

Vitalii Butchak

Dear Sir/Madam,

Let me introduce myself, my name is Vitalii, I'm Regional Sales Manager from company. I would like to offer you an amazing and unique ECO products. Wooden.City is a Polish

15.04.2019 22:38


where are you located here in davao?

16.04.2019 01:09


Good morning Glenn, we have no physical Store , but we are located at Tibungco Davao City near Gaisano and you can visit us anytime at our Residence. Thank you

06.03.2019 16:30


Would it be possible to have more detailed description of items? So I know if I won't have any duplicate or what the item consist of.

07.03.2019 02:22


So if you have Questions, just ask and I will be happy to answer them. Thank you

07.03.2019 02:22


Hello Jay.unfortunate the Possibilities on this Website are very limited because of the Provider. We have thought already to change the Provider but that a huge Job and take Month.

06.03.2019 02:01


if I order the Sherman Calliope? How long will it take to arrive here in quezon city?

06.03.2019 02:14


Hello Alex, unfortunate we don't have the Model on Hand,but we could order it from our Supplier and ETA would be end of April. Please advise us how to proceed . Thank you

27.12.2018 06:53

melvin rudner

John I love your new giant how to.On you-tube
Just a great idea
Melvin Rudner

08.12.2018 12:19


Thank you for the response Sir. About the duration of delivery, how long will it take?? Do you accept cash upon delivery??

08.12.2018 12:38


Unfortunate not Sir. For a quicker Response please contact me at FB : Juan Schmitz ( the one with the crazy Frog Icon ) . Thank you

08.12.2018 11:50


Hi sir, I would like to ask about the mark softer, it was in usd currency, I was wondering if you would accept php currency as for the payment??? Thank you.

08.12.2018 11:54


Hello Jerome, yes we do accept php . Price for the Mark Softener is 230php . If you click the Description below the Picture you can see the Price in PHP. Tnx

04.12.2018 14:29


Hi there. l'm from Davao and l recently discovered a box full of pladtic WW-2 figurines & army vehicles in 1/24 scale while cleaning stuff in my garage. I really have no use for them.

05.12.2018 03:45


Hello Sunny, if you like that we sell your Stuff let us know. Thank you and best Regards, John

04.12.2018 03:09

Ian evangelista

Hi sir John, I would like to ask for your available sizes and also the price of each balsa wood... Thank you in advance. Have a nice day sir

04.12.2018 04:03


Sure Ian, please send me your E-Mail Address to and I will send you a List with Sizes and Prices from our on Hand Balsa Wood . Tnx

26.10.2018 23:23

Joey Maoquinto

Good day sir.. Do you have a leaf material for diorama trees? And other materials to create a diorama

28.10.2018 04:51


Hello Joey Maoquinto . Unfortuned we don't have any Diorama Trees, but we have the ManWah Leaf Puncher and we could get you also some other Ground Material .

24.10.2018 11:49

Timothy Lorenz C Te

Placed an order on your online store, waiting for the confirmation email. I hope you can get more stuff on here. Cheers!

07.10.2018 08:08


Sir good pm, may assembled na uss Missouri kau or enterprise 1:350 ung buo na sir. Ready for display na.

03.06.2018 04:29

Phillip Stocks

Do you have a shop in Davao?
Would i be able to purchase items?

05.06.2018 02:47


Great! Contact me at 0921-2776552 when you have arrived

03.06.2018 05:26

Phillip Stocks

Splendid,we will be in Davao for a couple of weeks from 16th June.
Thank you.

03.06.2018 04:37


Hello Sir, we don't have a physical Store, but we can schedule Meet-ups within Davao and bring you your Items. Thank you

30.04.2018 07:57


Pt 2 what was the timber you used on the floors and what were the size of the nails.
Also are their any more clips coming in the future regards the build.

30.04.2018 08:06


Philippines. But you can use whatever Wood Strips you like. This Video Series has a Total of 11 Blogs, so their will come a Load more of Inspiration, I hope. Thank you, John

30.04.2018 08:04


Hello Peter, I am glad that I could inspire you with my Videos. I am sure that your Mother will enjoy this beautiful Model. The Timber I used for the Floor Panels is a local Wood, native here in the

30.04.2018 07:53


Hello John
I just purchased the Dutch Windmill to build as an 80th birthday gift for my Mum who's turning 80 and Dutch.
Your clips are very help full and give some great alternatives for the build, p

18.04.2018 13:26

Michel Salembier

Your videos were a great help while constructing the Marie Jeanne. Thanks. Could you tell more about your rotary tool (Dremel?) and especially about the shaft (I have it) bit sanding disk - Michel

07.03.2018 14:54


hello sir, morning,
do u have available scale model
like Naval history, Battleships

07.03.2018 23:44


Helll Sir Ian, if you could tell us the Brand and Scale you are looking for, we may be able to get you your Model. Next Batch will arrive End of March, thank you

02.01.2018 14:05


US Modern Infantry 1/16 pls. and is the cuirassier general have discount?? if possible

03.01.2018 02:22


Hello Sir Bong. We can include you the1/16 Modern Infantry Item # 36308, and we can give you also Discount for the Cruirasier General Item # 1290. Please send us an E-Mail directly. Thank you.

01.01.2018 11:08

Is this in davao? when will you have new stocks fo

is your loc. in davao?when will you have new stocks for 1/16 war figures?

01.01.2018 11:14


Hello, yes our Location is in Davao. If you tell us what 1/16 Scale Figures you are looking for, then we can include them in our Stocks for End of January, thank you

01.01.2018 08:13


Hi do u have a walk in shop or online only?

01.01.2018 08:20


Hello Bong, we only have a Online Shop, maybe in the Future we will set up a physical Store. Happy new Year

30.12.2017 14:16

Boots Lawrence Latasa

Sir I do hope you stock up on Master box models especially those on 1:35 range.

30.12.2017 14:32


Hello Boots Lawrence Latasa, thank you for your Comment, actuly we can get Master Box Models, help us by telling us what specific Model you are looking for. Thank you and a happy new Year . John

20.12.2017 06:21

Carlos P

Wanting to make some Harley Davidson models.

20.12.2017 06:46


Hello Carlos P, Thank you for your Comment. What Harley Davidson Model in specific you are looking for, so that we may get it for you in Stock. Thank you

19.12.2017 16:35


Hi im looking for Qm2 scale model 1:400 revell...the plastic model..hope you could help me get this.nowhere to find that scale model here in amy hobby store in manila.can only find that online 😔

04.04.2018 08:26


You can E-Mail me at : Thank you

04.04.2018 08:17


how to purchase it? Is it COD on delivery or online purchase? Do you have an private message center where i can send you a private message?

04.04.2018 07:06


The 1/570 Scale Queen Mary 1 is 1,728php Sir !

04.04.2018 06:50


How much does it cost?

04.04.2018 05:49


Sorry again, not available and I've checked again the Queen Mary 2, still out of Stock. There is a Queen Mary 1 in 1/570 Scale from Revell available !?

04.04.2018 05:10


Hi, How bout the RMS Queen elizabeth Airfix model scale 1:600? Do you have one? As well as the Mauretania

22.03.2018 02:08


Hello Sir, I just checked yesterday but sorry it's still out of Stock

26.02.2018 02:55


Sure Sir. We will contact you as soon the Kit is available. Thank you

25.02.2018 11:38


Just let me know once avail i really want to have that.thanks in advance.

23.02.2018 02:24


Unfortunate not yet, still out of Stock

23.02.2018 01:57


hi, just wanted to follow up if there's already an available Qm2 revell 1:400 scale model?.

20.12.2017 07:39


Thank you Sir, Request has already been send to our Supplier. We will keep you posted.

20.12.2017 01:31


Thank you for your Request, we may can get the Model, Price : 4,754php ( $ 94,00 ) ! But we have to verify that at our Supplier, because it's on Clearance and currently out of Stock .

07.12.2017 02:45


Do you do online ordering? I am in Cebu, and travel is hard these days.
Get the Evergreen for sure.

22.03.2018 01:54


Hi sir, any news about the QM2 scale model?. Hoping malapit na magakaroon.

20.12.2017 07:36


That's good. Alright looking forward for the good news. Hoping after the holidays. Before my bday .I really want to have this model.

07.12.2017 02:52


Hello Roger, we only do Online ordering! We are located in Davao City. If you tell us what specific Product you are looking for, we will be able to stock that at End of January 2018. Thank you, John

06.12.2017 12:47

Boots Lawrence Latasa

That is good to know that there is now a hobby shop that is nearer to Cebu that Manila.

07.12.2017 02:54


Hello Boots Lawrence Latasa, thank you for your Comment. It will help us when you tell us, what specific Item you are looking for. Thank you, John

19.11.2017 06:31

ken verzosa

Davaweños need a hobby shop here in Davao..the ones sold at the malls lack alot of things..kits a while lot more get the general sentiment of the Davao modellers club

07.12.2017 02:56


Hello Ken Verzosa, thank you for your Comment. Help us to stock the right Items by telling us what specific you are looking for. Thank you, John

18.11.2017 12:44

Arnel V. Canullas

We need an hobby shop who sells different types of plastic models and scale. Paints any kind, PE parts,hobby tools,decals,airbrush set.

07.12.2017 02:58


Hello Arnel V. Canullas, thank you for your Comment. Help us to stock the right Items by telling us what specific you are looking for. Thank you, John